Zein Tayyeb

Humanitarian Affairs Officer, UN OCHA


Zein Tayyeb is a Humanitarian Affairs Officer at the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), her role is focused on establishing and maintaining contacts with other humanitarian agencies including the UN, INGOs, NGOs and political authorities to plan and evaluate complex humanitarian and emergency assistance programs. One of her key responsibilities is maintaining solid relationship with the government and military authorities; Zein has delivered a number of trainings in Jordan and Germany on Civil-Military coordination and humanitarian cross-border operations in Jordan.  In addition to Humanitarian coordination, Zein works closely with the Jordan Civil Defense and the National Center for Security and Crises Management to establish a national Disaster Risk Reduction platform and undertake a comprehensive risk assessment in Jordan.  She also worked with UNICEF for over three years, where she was based in the Syrian refugee camps in Jordan. Her work was focused on providing quality education, psychosocial support, and life skills development for all the Syrian children in and out of schools. Zein holds a Master’s degree in International Relations and Human rights from the University of East London, UK. Her research interests focus on human rights-based issues, Migration, Integration, Education, Equality, and Youth. She has always been very concerned by humanitarian work and now that she is part of the global effort, she hopes to help improve the future of every child. Moreover, Zein successfully completed a training course in Brown University on Human Security and Humanitarian Response. It has allowed her to develop a better understanding of the global issues and challenges that the world is facing. It has also broadened her horizons regarding the span of humanitarian actions to be taken in situations of emergency. She is hoping to expand her experience in the humanitarian field within the United Nations team.